DIY Rhinestone Wreath Ornaments + Holiday Gift Idea with FREE PRINTABLE

Christmas time means it’s craft time, right babes? I mean, what better way to show those you love that you care than by giving them something handmade? Before we go any further, we know what you are thinking. Not all handmade gifts are created equal. We won’t list any names or items here, but sometimes we are given gifts that are complete duds. But, we would never steer you in the wrong direction because we don’t like to waste time or money either.

With that said, we have great news for you! This post features adorable DIY Rhinestone Wreath Ornaments that are so easy to make that you might find yourself making one for everyone on your list + the mailman, UPS driver, or anyone else who walks by. They are seriously so cute. 🙂

We posted a similar craft last year around the holidays featuring a cute rhinestone wreath on burlap bags to create DIY Rhinestone Wreath Burlap Wine Gift Bags (these are super simple to make as well, so you can definitely make these too for all of your wine-loving friends and family members!). It was such a popular post that we decided to bring back the rhinestone wreath, but this time we are creating something different. DIY Rhinestone Wreath Ornaments!

These clear fill-able ornaments are cheap and easy to decorate. Therefore, we decided to adorn each one with a cute holiday wreath, and fill them with some delicious instant hot chocolate mix (more details on that below). They turned out so cute!

The ornaments we used are the flat oval kind, and are also plastic. This made it a lot easier to manage without worrying about glass breaking. Therefore, we suggest using a plastic version, but feel free to adapt with any type of shape, size or color that you would like. The options are endless!

The two-toned green rhinestone selection really made these babies shine! They are such a standout piece and will look fabulous on any tree. TIP: Using a sharpie, write a sweet holiday message on the back and sign your name and the date so your friends can remember this heartfelt gift for years to come. 🙂

Lastly, we decided to kick this craft up one more notch by filling each ornament with our Skinny Hot Chocolate Mix (also a follower favorite!) and attached a cute gift tag. This will hands down be the EASIEST handmade gift that is perfect to give to all of your friends and family members! See the quick and easy directions below. Handmade Gift + Chocolate? Yay!

So, get your glue guns and scissors out. We are pretty sure this will make it a lot easier to cross off several people on your gift-giving list!

What You Need

Clear Plastic Ornaments (we used the flat disc version)

Emerald Green Rhinestones

Light Green Rhinestones (I used two different color tones to make it pop!)

1/8 Inch Red Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun

One Quarter (or something circular to shape your wreath)

Skinny Hot Chocolate Gift Tags FREE PRINTABLE — (Optional)

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Step by Step

1. Take one of your clear ornaments and place a quarter in the middle where you want the wreath to be. We used a piece of double sided tap to secure the quarter onto the ornament as well. Start by hot gluing the rhinestones around the quarter, creating your first ring. Once complete, start another ring of rhinestones around the first one. I alternated between a light and dark green to give it some contrast.

2. Once you are done hot gluing the stones, remove the quarter from the middle of the stones. Let the rhinestones dry for a couple of minutes.

3. To finish, cut some red ribbon and tie a simple bow (I use the two bunny ears and loop around one another trick!). Adjust your bow by pulling each loop to the right size and cut off any extra ribbon if necessary. When ready, hot glue the bow to the bottom middle of your wreath, right above the bottom inner ring of rhinestones. Let the pieces fully dry for a few minutes before handling.

4. OPTIONAL: Fill each ornament with our Skinny Hot Chocolate Mix (click here for the quick and easy recipe) for a cute holiday gift for friends and family! We used a funnel and poured 6 Tbsp of the mix into each ornament. Then, we tied on these cute Skinny Hot Chocolate Mix Gift Tags FREE PRINTABLE Sheet with simple directions for your recipient. It’s that easy!

This is the perfect handmade gift for those in need of something easy at the last minute. Plus, everyone loves hot chocolate! Right? Okay…well if you don’t then you can easily fill these with any type of holiday candy (red and green M&M’s, chocolate covered raisins, roasted peanuts, etc). Or, keep them empty! They are still just as cute on their own!

We also tied little treat bags of mini marshmallows onto each ornament with the gift tag for an easy hot chocolate topping option + it added additional cuteness. 🙂 Feel free to adapt this craft and add in chocolate chips or even crushed peppermint to the mix!


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