DIY Rhinestone Wreath Burlap Wine Bags

Are you attending a lot of parties this holiday season? I love dressing up and celebrating with friends and family all month long. With that said, I usually dread the part where I have to pick out a hostess gift for each party that I attend. I never know what they will like or what is unique. So, I must confess that I am a big fan of giving a nice bottle of wine (or, I love to share with friends my favorite bottle of Rosé!) as hostess gifts. It is a no brainer most of the time, and it is usually a safe choice during the holidays.

What I am not a fan of are those generic and boring wine bottle gift bags, or simply adding a bow or gift tag. Don’t get me wrong…I am guilty of doing all of the previously stated ideas at one time or another. But, I got creative this year by making something cute to put the wine bottles in. You will love these rhinestone wreath wine bags, because this time your gift is going to stand out next to all the other wine bottles your host receives! Recipients can also use them to re-gift wine to others, or as a cute gift bag of their own as well!

Go ahead and wow your friends by making your own rhinestone wreath burlap wine bags today!

What You Need

Burlap Bags (6 x 10 inches)

Emerald Green Rhinestones

Light Green Rhinestones (I used two different color tones to make it pop!)

1/8 Inch Red Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun

One Quarter (or something circular to shape your wreath)

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Step by Step

While your hot glue gun is heating up, go ahead and cut out a piece of cardstock that is about the same size of your bag (a little bit smaller so it can slip inside the bag). You will use this to create a barrier between the front and back of the bag by slipping it inside so the two pieces don’t stick together once you start hot gluing the stones. Once the glue gun is ready to use, place your quarter in the middle of the bag where you want your wreath to be. Start by hot gluing the rhinestones around the quarter, creating your first ring. Once complete, start another ring of rhinestones around the first one. I alternated between a light and dark green to give it some contrast.

Once you are done hot gluing the stones, remove the quarter from the middle of the stones. Let dry for a couple of minutes.

To finish, cut some red ribbon and tie a simple bow (I use the two bunny ears and loop around one another trick!). Adjust your bow if necessary to the right size. When ready, hot glue the bow to the bottom middle of your wreath, right above the bottom inner ring of rhinestones. Let the pieces fully dry for a few minutes before handling.


Remove the piece of cardstock inside the bag, and you are ready to add your bottle of wine! See…I told you these were easy. Your gift of wine never looked so good! 🙂

If you need a quick gift tag to add to these wine bottles or any other gift that you have, don’t miss our FREE Printable Merry Christmas Gift Tags! Click here to view our post!

You might have noticed in the feature photo that I also made a smaller version of these bags for little “treat bags” filled with some Christmas colored Hershey’s Kisses and other fun candies. Simply swap out the 6 x 10 inch burlap bag for a 4 x 6 inch size and follow the same steps above to recreate them. They make great on-the-go gifts for those you run into and need a quick gift…like the mailman, UPS driver, neighbors you forgot about (guilty!), and last minute gifts for those last minute parties! See a photo below…

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