DIY New Year Paper Fortune Cookies

Here we go again! We have ushered in another New Year. A blank slate. 2019 brings 365 new days for all sorts of new and exciting things. I’m sure you all have been bombarded on all social media outlets with inspirational posts filled with what everyone is looking forward to, what their personal goals are…blah, blah, blah. We won’t bore you with any more of that.

With that said, New Year resolutions never get old to us. While a handful of people think they are silly and unattainable…we are those “other people” that think they can be kind of awesome. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤫

Okay…hear us out before closing the tab on your browser. We don’t think you should set a goal that isn’t realistic or outrageous. Pick one that is obtainable, or something you can strive towards in small stages. More importantly, pick something fun! 😀

With that said, what better way is there to celebrate the New Year besides spreading some New Year cheer to all those near and dear to you!? We are talking New Year fortunes, y’all! Yes…fortunes! 🔮

With the Chinese New Year 🧧 right around the corner (February 5th!), these are the perfect way to celebrate that as well. Today’s post features the easiest DIY craft to start your 2019 off with a bang. These DIY Paper Fortune Cookies 🥠 were not only extremely quick and easy to put together, they were so much fun to make. We couldn’t help but smile (and laugh!) while slipping some of these fun fortunes into each paper cookie, thinking about someone opening them with wide eyes and wonder! 🤗

These are so fun to make and pass out to your friends or coworkers. It is such a fun way to usher in the new year with good fortune and good vibes for all! 🙌🏻

You can find your own fortunes, write up your own messages, or use ours! We are providing a printable PDF of some fun fortunes to make it even easier to put these cute fortune cookies together. All you have to do is print, cut out and slip one into each “cookie”! How easy is that!?

Cheers to the BEST year yet, babes! We know each one of you will bring amazing things into 2019. So, go on…what do you think your fortune will be? 😏

What You Need

Colored Cardstock or Paper (any color you want)

New Year Fortunes – Click here for Printable PDF

4 inch Jar lid (or something circular to draw out 4 inch circles)

Hot Glue Gun (Or Glue Dots)


Baker’s Twine – Silver Metallic & White (optional)

Step by Step

1. Print out our New Year Fortunes, or go ahead and prep your own by writing them out on white printer paper and cut each out. Set aside.

2. Using your 4 inch lid or object of choice, trace out 4 inch circles on top of your colored Cardstock or paper. Cut out each and set aside.

3. Take each circle and place a cut out fortune on top in the middle.

4. Fold two facing edges of each circle into the middle, overlapping each other. Secure lightly with your finger.

5. Next, flip over with the overlap in the back. Using your Glue Gun (or a Glue Dot), drop a dot towards the middle of the strip and secure by pressing each side together with your fingers. Hold for a few seconds until secured.

NOTE: Before we secured both sides with glue, we added a strip of fun Silver Metallic & White Baker’s Twine in order to tie a cute bow once folded. This is optional. We just thought it added a fun sparkle.

6. Go on! Pass these out to friends, family and/or co-workers and spread the good fortune near and far! 🙂

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