DIY Marbled Coasters

Marbled. Everything. This seems to be our theme of the summer. 😎 Marble is so pretty, and isn’t going out of style any time soon. After we made marbled soap, we became a little obsessed with how cool it turned out. Plus, we can’t help but love that when you marble any type of craft, the ability to mix and match all of the available options are endless! 🙂 So, we asked ourselves…”What else could we marble!?

One thing we are always looking for are cute drink coasters to adorn our accent tables with. The problem we run into is stores never seem to sell that perfect combination of style, color, or shape that fits perfectly with our home accessory or room theme. Therefore, DIY was right up our alley. DIY Marbled Coasters it is! 🤗 In order to easily marble coasters, we decided that the clay baking method was PERFECT.

The “clay and bake” method that we have grown to love is so easy, a kid can even do it. No, really! We aren’t kidding. Our nephews participated in this craft, and loved it! They had so much fun rolling out their clay, customizing the colors, and using the cookie cutter shape of their choice. They were extremely impressed that they could make their very own clay coasters, and we were thrilled at just how easy they are to make as well! If that doesn’t spell out how easy this craft is, then maybe this will. All you need is an oven, different colored clay, a rolling pin, and a cookie cutter shape of your choice. That’s it. You are ready to roll and bake coasters! Easy, peasy.

These coasters turned out so impressively chic that we decided they are a perfect option for anyone looking to make a quick DIY party favor, or even give them out as housewarming gifts to friends or family. They. Are. Awesome! 🙌🏻

So, get ready to impress yourself and feel like a pottery pro. Let’s get rollin’ and baking, babes! ✂️☕️🔥

What You Need

Rolling Pin

Moldable Clay (in the color(s) of your choice) – we chose white, silver, and gold

Hexagon Cookie Cutter (or whatever shape you want to use – you could also use the top of a shaped box)

Parchment Paper

Adhesive Felt (we chose white)

Exacto Knife or Scissors

Sandpaper (in case you need to smooth out your edges after baking)

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Step by Step

We suggest making your coasters one at a time, and not all together. Trust us. It’s easier this way.

1. Mold your Clay: Take a bigger piece of white clay and start molding it into a bit of a stub. Begin adding pieces of your gold and silver clay to it in different places.

2. Begin Marbling: Start molding your clay by mixing it together and then begin pushing your clay flatter and flatter. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. Just keep rolling, adding and molding to mix up the colors.

3. Roll out with Rolling Pin: Once all the different colors are incorporated and mixed in, start rolling out your piece of clay using a rolling pin until flat but not too flat (about 1/8 of an inch thick).

4. Cut out your shape: Once you have rolled your piece of clay out large enough, go ahead and cut out your shape with your cookie cutter shape. Set aside on your baking sheet.

5. Bake: Place each piece of cut-out clay on a sheet of parchment paper or slipmat, and bake for 25-30 minutes at 275 degrees.

6. Let Cool: Let your coasters cool after baking, which will also allow them to continue hardening.

7. Add Felt Bottom: I traced each shape on the felt sheet and then cut them out and attached the adhesive side to the bottom of each coaster.

Viola! You have gorgeous marbled coasters! We told you it was that easy! 🙂

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