DIY Mini Succulent Planters (Repurposing Sugarfina Cube Boxes!)

It’s craft time at C&C, and we are so excited to share with you our current craft #ootd. It involves two things we love…mini succulents and Sugarfina candy cubes. Creating a fun DIY post with mini succulents has been on our list for awhile, so we are so excited to finally tackle this craft and share it with all of you! More importantly, they turned out so cute! We have mini succulents adorning little areas all throughout our homes.

I would first like to say that if you have leftover empty Sugarfina cube boxes, congratulations! That means you were blessed with delicious treats that C&C is personally obsessed with. August is our birthday month, so we have been extremely lucky to have been gifted delicious treats from Sugarfina from all our friends and family. With that said, if you have ever been given Sugarfina candy cubes you can relate to the fact that the cubes become empty very, very fast! Therefore, we were quickly left with all of these cute mini cube boxes without a purpose.

This got us thinking….what could we do with these perfectly cubed boxes once all the candy has been eaten? The idea for this DIY post was born!

P.S. Did you know that a study by NASA as well as several others show that houseplants can increase your quality of life? No joke…apparently they can help you breathe easier, purify your air, improve your overall health, and even sharpen your focus! Check out more information by clicking here!

Back to the craft…

This craft only requires 4 supplies – mini succulents, empty Sugarfina candy cubes, acrylic paint, and a paint brush. That’s it! We got our mini succulents from our local Home Depot for around $3 each, and they had so many to choose from.

What You Need

Mini Succulent Plants – we got ours from Home Depot

Acrylic Paint – we used Apple Barrel’s basic colors of green and white

Sugarfina Mini Candy Cubes – empty (rinse out and dry thoroughly)
*Don’t have a Sugarfina box? You can easily use some other type of small acrylic cube box you have, or you can find mini acrylic cubes from Michael’s or any other craft store

Paint Brush

Step by Step

  1. Before beginning the craft we went ahead and watered each mini succulent thoroughly, letting the water drain out of the water holes in the holders, and then let them soak up the water for a couple of hours.
  2. Next, take each empty candy cube (wash, rinse and dry each before painting) and apply your paint color of choice. We used Apple Barrel acrylic paint, and applied two layers. Wait at least an hour or so between layers, so they can thoroughly dry. Once dry, place your cute mini succulent plant in your cube. That’s it!

See how cute they turned out??

We are obsessed…


Did you recreate this DIY project? Share with us! Be sure to tag your recreations of this craft on Instagram and Facebook with @cookiesandcalligraphy and include the tag #cookiesandcalligraphy.


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