DIY Sequin “Rosé All Day” Burlap Wine Bags

I think we all are familiar with the summer fashion statement that is the straw hat with decorative sequins spelling out all sorts of cute and clever sayings. They are all the rage. I doubt anyone reading this hasn’t seen one. Or, you own one yourself (guilty!).

But, why let the hats have all the fun? We decided to not just dress up our accessories with this cute concept, but give our wine bottles some sparkle as well! Don’t let your wine arrive naked to the party! 😱 Dress it up next time with a chic “Rosé All Day” burlap wine bag. 😉🍷

All you need to make your own sequined “Rosé All Day” burlap wine bags are medium sized 6 x 10 burlap bags, a pen or marker to lightly outline your letters, small sequins, and a hot glue gun! They are the perfect addition to your refreshing bottle of rosé this summer. They also make a cute gift!

What You Need

Medium Burlap Bags (6 x 10 inches)

Small Black Sequins – we used 5mm

Hot Glue Gun

Pen or Light Marker

Step by Step

  1. Place your burlap bag on a flat surface. Using a marker or pen (I prefer a pen so it is a little bit lighter and thinner), outline “Rosé All Day” in your own writing. If this is challenging for you, no problem! You can also print out a graphic of one of your favorites, cut and place inside the burlap bag. You will be able to see through the burlap and can trace it easily. 😉
  2. Using a hot glue gun, add hot glue to the back of each sequin and place on the burlap bag along the lines you just outlined.
  3. Continue gluing sequins until the entire outline is covered. It took us a little under an hour to make one. Once you get the first few letters down and you become more familiar on your spacing, it is a breeze from there. Plus, the adorable end product was well worth the wait! 🙂

TIP: When you are tracing or outlining your letters, I would strongly suggest making them as loose and “loopy” as possible. The sequins will become too chunky and might start to look like they are running into one another once placed along your lines if your letters are too close together. So, avoid making tight letters. The more room you have, the easier it will be to fit and place the sequins. 🙂

We loved this craft so much that we even made more using different colored sequins, like pink and blush! So cute and perfect for summer! Yes way, rosé! 🙂

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