DIY “Dad’s Stache” Customizable Candy Jars + FREE PRINTABLE

In our family, we definitely respect the stache. “Stache” of course refers to our Dad’s legendary mustache, which he has had pretty much his entire life. All of us kids are convinced that he was born with it. We can’t imagine him without it.

Mustaches act almost like physical punctuation marks expressing someone’s personality. Anyone with a mustache (especially our Dad) can easily be described as manly, funny, sarcastic, honorable, thoughtful, selfless and mostly importantly, the ultimate gentleman. Praise be to the mustache!

So what better way to celebrate the best Father in the world then by honoring his perfectly groomed “stache”!?

We made these adorable FREE Printable “Dad’s Stache” gift tags featuring a cute mustache graphic to easily tie or tape onto any jar or canister. Then, we filled it with all of his favorite treats! Hershey’s Chocolate Minis, Krackle, Crunch Bars, Hot Tamales candies, Whoppers, Mounds…we aren’t going to lie. We definitely found it necessary to test some of the candy to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿซ

If you have a Father that sports a perfectly groomed stache, this is the perfect gift to give him! Go on and print some tags and stache some candy for a quick and easy gift for the men who seem to already have everything!

P.S. Why is there not a mustache emoji!? Come on Apple! Let’s make this happen!

DISCLAIMER: A mustache is not required in order to give this gift to all the favorite men in your life for Father’s Day, but highly encouraged. ๐Ÿ™‚

What You Need

FREE Printable “Dad’s Stache” gift tags

Any type of basic Mason Jar or Hermes Clamp Snap Jar

Dad’s favorite candy to fill jar up with ๐Ÿ™‚

Step by Step

There aren’t really any steps to this craft. Simply print out the above FREE printable gift tags, cut along edge and hole punch at the top. String through some twine or string and tie onto your mason or snap jar. Lastly, fill up your jar with your Dad’s favorite candy!

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