DIY Pretty Calligraphy Easter Eggs

Easter always brings out the crafty side of the C&C sisters. The holiday is always filled with fun pastel or bright colors, which is definitely our jam. We also love the opportunities Easter brings like cute craft sessions with the kids in the family. Or, baking fun Easter-inspired treats! One tradition you are most likely familiar with is dying and decorating Easter eggs. It’s pretty basic and fun. You can also decorate so many different ways to make them your own! With that said, I am willing to bet there are several of you out there that have wanted to decorate your Easter eggs with beautifully scripted calligraphy messages, but you didn’t think you had the skills to do so. Does that sound like you?

If the above statement rings a bell, then this is the perfect craft for you! These Easter eggs require no handwritten calligraphy. All you need to pull these off are hard boiled eggs, printable tattoo paper sheets, and our FREE Printable Pretty Calligraphy Easter Egg Messages template!

It is now extremely easy for anyone to pull off beautifully adorned Easter eggs with “handwritten messages” in stylish calligraphy! We also included some cute graphics and sayings alongside the scripted messages to make this FREE printable even more fun! 🙂

What You Need

1 dozen hard boiled eggs (you can decorate more if you want!)

Printable tattoo paper sheets

Damp cloth or towel

FREE Printable Pretty Calligraphy Easter Egg Messages template

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Step by Step

  1. Print out a couple sheets of our FREE Printable Pretty Calligraphy Easter Egg Messages template on a sheet of printable tattoo paper (Depending on which type of paper you use each will have slightly different directions to follow. So, read them carefully to make sure you are placing them into your printer correctly). Once printed, cut out each message, leaving a good amount of blank space around the edges of each design.
  2. Apply the tattoo message to your hard boiled eggs by placing each message face down carefully on the surface, and hold and press down a damp cloth over the tattoo paper in order for it to adhere to the egg. Most tattoo paper directions tell you to allow it to sit for about 15 – 20 seconds. I recommend at least one minute for each egg. This gives the paper lining plenty of time to fully remove itself from the paper backing, and stick fully to each egg.
  3. After a minute, carefully remove your cloth and the tattoo paper backing to reveal your pretty scripted messages on each egg. Allow to dry fully before moving around or touching so that the ink does not smear. NOTE: Did some of your messages end up smearing a little bit? No worries! It happens to all of us, trust me. You can easily use a soft brush or dish towel with a little bit of warm water to gently wipe away any tattoo ink from your hard boiled egg if the ink smears. Once all of the smeared ink is removed, let your egg fully dry before re-applying. 🙂

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