DIY 5-Minute Customizable Beaded Votive

Is anyone else shocked that we are already about to wrap up another month in 2017? Weren’t we just cheering to the New Year!? Time is seriously flying by, and it served as the main motivation to get my butt out of bed early this past weekend to tackle some of my 2017 projects. I am not really into New Year resolutions, but I do think that it is a convenient time to set some goals for yourself. With that in mind, one of my goals for this year is to attempt to add some fun decor to my new apartment. I decided to tackle this project by shopping a couple of stores to serve as preliminary research and overall inspiration. I was in the market for a couple of small decorative items (like a candle or vase) to add to my coffee and side tables.

I don’t know if I am just extremely picky or if everyone experiences this, but I continue to find myself walking through stores and I just can’t seem to find exactly what I want. I will find something that is almost exactly what I need, but it is still not right. Or, it was a great piece, but the price seemed outrageous. Then, this idea hit me. Why don’t I just create my own votive candle holder!? I had seen so many ideas online, so I took those thoughts and ran to the closest craft store. I picked up a couple of items I thought would work. Sure enough I got home and in a matter of 5 minutes I was able to create a beaded votive that matched my decor perfectly! It’s so simple to do and it can be customized in so many different ways to fit your theme. Plus, it only cost me a couple of dollars!

What You Need:

Glass Votive (I went with a square shape)

Beads or Flat Back Glass Marbles (I chose two color combinations to make a couple of different votives with different color themes)

Hot Glue Gun

Candle (or Flameless LED Tea Light Candles is what I used) to place in your votive

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Step by Step

First, heat up your glue gun and begin sorting through the beads you would like to use! Think of a few ways in which you want to arrange your beads to create your design. I chose to go with 3-4 bead colors and alternate throughout the surface of the votive.

Once your glue is ready, begin putting a small dot of glue on the bead and then affix to your glass votive. Hold for a few seconds and then continue.

I started at the bottom of the votive and worked my way up. There was no true rhyme or reason on how to place them. The best thing about this is you really can’t mess this up. You just fit in the beads as best you can.


I did about 4 rows and then moved to the next side. Work your way around, and viola! You have a customized beaded votive to fit your specific space!

I loved the votive I created so much that I decided to customize a second one to fit my bedroom color theme. This time I used gold and neutral color tones. As you can see, your options are endless (and for a fraction of the cost you would spend purchasing these from a store). 🙂

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