DIY Mini Wine Valentines + FREE PRINTABLE Bottle Tags

Is everyone ready for Valentine’s Day?! Okay…we aren’t either. But, that’s okay! Don’t panic. The girls behind C&C are here for you and your last minute crafting and gifting needs! Grab some card stock, scissors, and print out some of our awesome Mini Wine Valentine Bottle Tags for an easy Valentine gift!

We can’t get enough of these Mini Wine Valentines. They are a great go-to gift for all of your girls (or guys!) this year. Is your Valentine not into wine? No problem! These bottle tags also fit perfectly over a mini bottle of champagne, or even a bottle of beer. 🙂 But, back to the mini wine for now…

I love giving out the mini wine bottle sizes because it’s so much easier to carry around a dozen or so of them in a bag (compared to the full sized bottles) and hand them out on the spot! You never know who you might run into! Plus, you have 3 cute design options to choose from! So, go on! Print, cut, and slip a few on your favorite bottles of bubbly!


Click the links below to easily download and print out the above Mini Wine Valentine Bottle Tags. The steps are simple. Print each set out on paper or card stock. Then, cut out a hole where the black circle is (this is where you will slip your tag over the neck of each wine bottle). I find it easier to use a hole punch to punch a hole somewhere in the black circle to help start myself out, and from there, cut around the black circle. Lastly, create a scored fold about 2 inches down from the top (use the cut hole as your guide, and fold where the paper creates a square shape, with the hole in the middle).

Roses are Red FREE Printable Valentine Mini Wine Bottle Tags

I Love You More Than Wine FREE Printable Valentine Mini Wine Bottle Tags

Conversation Hearts FREE Printable Valentine Mini Wine Bottle Tags

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