Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Valentine Pops

We are getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, and for most of us this creates lots of stress. But, don’t worry! We have so many EASY and FUN treats for you to replicate for your own date nights, or to serve at your own Galentine’s Day celebration. Today we are sharing our fourth post in the Galentine’s Day Blog Series, which features these incredibly easy and delicious Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Valentine Pops! They are fun, only take a couple minutes to throw together, and you can make them ahead of time for a party or date night. Plus, you can customize them any way you want — milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel…you name it! For our Galentine’s Day spread we chose pink, red, white and assorted heart sprinkles, and used a couple different chocolate options to really play up the Valentine theme! We also highly recommend these as a fun activity to do with kids! Just set up a dipping station and let them create their own treat! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

Things to Know Upfront/Quick Tips

  • You will need sprinkles, edible beads, or any other topping you prefer to roll your marshmallows in.
  • Cake pop sticksย are necessary to hold your marshmallows, so grab some of those!
  • Grab a tall cup to hold the pops once they are complete.

What You Need

Step By Step

  • In the microwave melt your chocolates.
  • Place a cake pop stick through a marshmallow.
  • Roll your marshmallow in one of the chocolates followed by one of your toppings
  • Place your finished marshmallow pop in a cup to cool.

I placed my finished pops in a cup filled with decorative beads to finish the look.


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