DIY How To Make The Perfect Handmade Gift Bow

Growing up, my sister and I swooned over how perfect our mom would wraps gifts (we are talking perfectly creased edges!). Lucky for us, she passed along all of her amazing present wrapping skills to us! ๐Ÿ™‚ When we were younger, my mom would have a “Santa’s Workshop” area in the house where she would perfectly wrap each gift (sometimes we would help!). Then, each present would go to the “Bow Station” where my sister and I were in charge of tying an elegant satin bow on each before we placed them under the tree. Curly ribbon is only acceptable in an emergency or on presents that a bow just won’t work (I am not even sure when that even happens?). Even today, each time I wrap a present it isn’t complete without the addition of a perfect satin handmade bow.

It’s incredible how many compliments I get from friends and family after they see my perfectly wrapped gifts. They always ask how I make the bows! So, my sister and I have decided to share our little family secret with you! The best part about these bows is that they only take a couple minutes, and it is super easy! Happy wrapping!

What You Need

Satin Ribbon (Topenca is a good brand from Amazon in many colors)

Scissors (fabric scissors cut the ribbon best)

A perfectly wrapped gift ๐Ÿ™‚

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Step by Step

Grab your wrapped gift and wrap a piece of ribbon around it, securing it with a twist in the middle. You will use this later to secure your bow to the present.

Next, start creating loops with your ribbon, holding onto the ribbon in the middle. You will want to end up with about 5 or 6 loops on each side. I normally do 5, but if you want a fuller bow you can do to 6 (or even more if desired). I have also created a short video below to show you how to make the loops in case it is helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once you create your loops, cut off your ribbon to finish the piece. Then, cut triangle notch shapes out of the center of the loops on each side. Be sure not to cut the notches too deep (this will cause your ribbon to snap once you pull out the loops).


Next, secure your looped ribbon with the piece wrapped around your gift box and secure it with a knot (I suggest only knotting it once. A double knot will make the middle part too bulky).

Starting with the middle (base) loop, spread out each loop and pull towards the other side until it is fully pulled out. Then pull the next loop to the other side. Continue until you have pulled out each loop and then repeat on the other side.  Fluff around the loops until you are happy with the look.

I like to bend/crease the tops of each loop to make it look more “crisp”. Feel free to keep them loose if that is your preference. They will look great either way! Your finished product should look like the example below.

Viola! You have made a perfect handmade satin gift bow! Remember…these are not exclusive to Christmas gifts. They are perfect for all gifting occasions! Enjoy!

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