DIY Birch Tree Wood Slice Stocking Holders

Over the past couple of years, I have lived in several places. Each place makes holiday decorating very exciting for me because each one provides a blank canvas for trying different themes and ideas. With that said, each one always has its challenges. The current space that we are living in has a perfect space for a tree, but it has no fireplace mantel to hang Christmas stockings. Last year, I hung the stockings up the staircase with some garland (which looked amazing!), but the current space doesn’t have a staircase railing that would work.

Therefore, this year’s challenge = finding a perfect spot for hanging stockings.

I definitely find creative inspiration from scrolling Pinterest boards, but I also love walking the aisles of craft stores to trigger some of my creativity. This is where I found the idea for this blog post and how to solve this year’s stocking challenge. I saw these birch tree wood slices, which I have always found fun for some type of craft. Then it hit me! I could use these awesome plain wood slices to hang the stockings on the wall near the Christmas tree by affixing some hooks…perfect!

I found this craft to be extremely easy, and it solved my stocking hanging dilemma perfectly! You can use whatever size wood slices you want, and you can really get creative on what hooks you want to use. So, there is a lot of room to make these stocking holders your own! Plus, if your stockings are more generic with no names, I thought about a great idea to paint the wood pieces with chalkboard paint, and use chalk to write names or holiday greetings to personalize them! The ideas are endless with this one! 🙂


What You Need

Birch tree wood slices (5-7 inch)

Hanging hooks

Command hanging strips

Power drill

Step by step

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The screws that came with my hooks were actually too long for my wood slices. If used, they would have screwed all the way through the back of the wood piece. So, depending on how thick the wood slices are that you choose, be sure to check if your screws are too long before screwing them in. If they are too long like mine were, you can easily grab shorter screws of similar width from the hardware store (very cheap!). Or, if you have extra screws laying around like me, chances are that a couple of them will work just fine for the hooks you use.

Take your wood slices (I used 5-7 inch ones, and the size was perfect!) and place the hooks in the middle of each. Attach the hook to your wood slice using the power drill. I went ahead and screwed them in with no problem. But, if you prefer, you can also screw some starter holes into your wood slices where you want the screws to go first. Then, place the hook over your starter holes and screw in your screws with the drill.

Second, place your command strips on the back of your wood pieces (I used two strips each). After that, you are ready to hang on your wall or surface of choice! Be sure to follow the instructions on the package of your command strips for how long to wait until you hang anything on the hooks in order to allow the strips to fully adhere to your surface.

These were really easy to make, and quickly added a rustic touch to our holiday decor! I just love them! 🙂

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