DIY Burlap Reindeer Gift Bags

Christmas time is just around the corner! Well, kind of. It is hard not to get in the Christmas mood with every store putting out their holiday merchandise already! Well, I have officially given in to the early holiday start by creating some crafts and decorating some parts of the house (I know…it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. But you can never be too early, right?).

I am really into burlap right now. It is really easy to use for so many things. I saw this adorable idea online to use burlap for some cute reindeer-themed sacks. They were used for Reindeer Food (so cute!), but I wanted to change mine up to use as little gift bags to give to neighbors, co-workers, friends or family. 🙂 These are great because you can use any type of candy or treats inside, and it only take a couple minutes to put each one together.

Feel free to visit the original post that I found my inspiration from for this cute idea on Crafts Unleashed from Consumer Crafts. They have amazing DIY craft ideas, so be sure to check them out!


What You Need:

Burlap Fabric (No Fray)

Small Treat Bags (I used 3 x 4.75 inch ones)

Jingle Bells (red/small)

Wiggly Eyes

Baker’s Twine

Natural Jute Twine

Curling Ribbon (holiday colors)

Hot Glue Gun

Measuring Tape


Step by Step

First, cut out your burlap pieces in at least a 9 x 9 inch size. If you want to fill these with goodies that are a little bit bigger, feel free to increase the size to 12 x 12 squares. Also, I experimented with a couple different types of burlap. I would recommend going with the NO FRAY burlap option. It keeps the fabric more intact and won’t make a mess or fall apart while handling them. I linked the kind I used above, and it worked great!

Next, fill up your treat bags with whatever you want (I did some with peppermint bark squares, some with holiday colored M&M’s, and the rest with holiday colored Hershey’s Kisses). Tie them closed with some baker’s twine. Then you are ready to wrap them up in the burlap!

Place your treat bag in the middle of the burlap square. Fold the square in half, creating a triangle (see images below for easy step by step). After that, roll inward from the pointed tip, and grab both ends at the top to create your reindeer ears. Now, use natural jute twine or a rubber band (I used twine – it blended in with the burlap perfectly!) to tie around the reindeer ears. You might have to play with the fabric, pull it out and rearrange it a bit to make the ears look right.

2016-11-17-11-30-05   2016-11-17-11-30-51   2016-11-17-11-31-13   2016-11-17-11-21-13

Hot glue two little wiggly eyes and a jingle bell for a nose — now you have a reindeer! I tied a gift tag with some curly ribbon around the ears, which really gave the bags some color. So cute!

Let us know what you think about this craft, or how you used them in the comments below!

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