DIY Gold Dipped Mason Jars

Anything gold dipped is so fun to me. It adds a layer of elegance to anything, whether it is a wine glass, vase, piece of jewelry, furniture…the options are endless. That is the fun part about it — you can gold dip just about anything! I wanted to start small, so I chose some mason jars to gold dip. I have seen a lot of mason jar crafts across the internet, and I thought how fun would it be to gold dip them and stuff them with fun treats as holiday gifts for co-workers, neighbors and friends! Besides the holidays, these are great to have on hand throughout your home as well. You can fill some with junk if you don’t have a junk drawer, like me (so your counter looks fancy and not cluttered!), or place some fresh or faux flowers in one for an easy and pretty DIY vase.

I found this craft to be extremely easy. It does not take a lot of time at all. I hope you share with us what you did with your gold dipped mason jars in the comments! Enjoy!

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What You Will Need

Step by Step

  • Take your painter’s tape and tape off where you want the gold dipped paint to stop on your jars. Feel free to get creative! Tape all the way up the jar so that no glass is visible where you don’t want the paint to be. I did add in some parchment paper to cover the tops, and taped it down with painter’s tape as well. This ensures that no gold paint will end up on the lid or anywhere else.


  • Next, go in your garage or an outside space for ventilation while spray painting your jars. I suggest setting up some boxes on the ground to protect them from the paint. Follow the directions on the spray paint can, and spray a foot or so away from the jars. One coat did it for me. You are more than welcome to do more than one if you have some spots that you think need it. Be sure to allow 15-20 minutes in between layers for it to efficiently dry. This paint is not very opaque, so I think more than one coat will be rare. I set my jars upside down so I could spray the bottoms as well. Once you are done with spray painting, let the jars dry for at least 2 hours before handling them.


  • When dry, remove the blue tape carefully to reveal your amazing gold dipped jars!


  • Now is the fun part! You can write on the gold part with a cute message (for gifts or household needs), or fill with treats for gifts and attach a tag. See below for some gift inspiration. 🙂 Be sure to click here to check out our easy tutorial for DIY Gold Leaf Gift Tags in the photo below!


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